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Nut Processing Overview

Our commitment to safety and quality begins with our partners: local growers who demonstrate integrity and good farming practices. Working in tandem with these partners, we track every delivery we receive so we can trace each lot’s journey from the field to the the customer. Our facility is equiped with real time information technology, which constantly tracks all origins, current locations, inventory transfers and final destination of every pound.

We offer our customers their choice of inshell or kernel almonds. With quality control at every step of each line, we can confidently provide premier almonds for our customers. Learn more about the processes that prepare our products below.

Almond Kernel Processing

Almonds sold as kernels begin by running through an x-ray sorter designed to remove debris that may come with the crop from the field, such as metal, plastic, or glass. We then send the almonds through a highly effective electronic sorting system to remove nuts with insect damage or other natural defects. After thoroughly cleaning the kernels, we size and grade the nuts to ensure consistency and uniformity. In addition or our in-house sizing and grading procedures, we work with USDA employees who provide us with third-party quality assurance before the products are packaged.

Hand Sorting Line
Packing Machinery
Packaging Line

Inshell Almond Processing

During harvest, when speed is most critical, our processing systems enable a steady delivery flow from the huller / sheller. Under human supervision, each lot runs through several electronic sorters. Each level of sorting can target a specific debris or defect, methodically removing foreign material and unsatisfactory nuts until only the best inshell nuts remain.

Inshell being unloaded
Product Receiving
Processing Line
Satake color sorter reducing foreign material
Hand Sorting Line
Robotic Stacking Machine


We offer a variety of packaging options to our customers. Inshell is packed in 50 pounds Riverwest or plain generic bags. Kernels are packed in 50 pound Riverwest cartons, 2,200 pound cardboard totes/bins, or 2,200 pound super sacks. All loads are tested and certified by an independent third party lab before shipment.

50lb Inshell Bag
50lb Carton
2200lb Kernel Tote
2200lb Super Sack